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Welcome to our anti/canon! 

Take part the creation, development, reinvention, and possible bastardization of a story idea. Step into the various worlds -- in-story and metafictional -- that have been built around it. 

Start from its origins in the 20th century media industry, up to its present status as the subject of a dedicated fandom (be it cult or "mainstream"). Along the way, you'll uncover the related stories of all the lives it has affected.


CONFORM to the biases of Western pop media storytelling?


IMAGINE a more inclusive alternate history of the global culture industry? 


Concept, text, and visual design by Paolo Jose Cruz

All images sourced from Public Domain Vectors


This mini-RPG can already be played, as is. However, updates are ongoing. 

Supporting this game includes access to all future versions, including:

  • print-to-play pamphlet edition
  • revised layout


Submitted to  Tropes Jam, based on the meta-trope Modular Franchise


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dis/continuity v1.1 303 kB

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