A downloadable FIGHT!

Here comes a new challenger!

A hack of Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme,
inspired by martial arts cinema, fighting games,
and kick-ass tournament combat


Submitted to Goon Jam


This mini-RPG can already be played, as is.
However, updates are ongoing. 

Supporting this game includes access to all future versions.


Goon Fighter PDF 507 kB


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This looks so cool! Is it possible to play solo?


I'm so impressed by the set up for this game!! The meditate and train between rounds especially stands out to me as so spot on for the genre, and is not only a cool way to intersperse action scenes with player driven choices but also an elegant and evocative way to handle "advancement"! The only thing that's not immediately clear to me is how to handle pvp for the final round - opposed 2d6+relevant bonus rolls?

I really appreciate the feedback!

In retrospect, I really should have spelled out the PvP rules, because it's such a radical departure from the baseline Tunnel Goons mechanics. But that's exactly what I had in mind: simultaneous opposed 2d6 + bonus rolls, with both fighters taking damage based on DoS.  

Unfortunately, poor time management got in the way, so I wasn't able to update it before the jam deadline. 


I really like the clean layout. In particular I like the way you use subheads to call out what players should take from each section. 

The weapons are cool but as a filthy story gamer I kind of want a way for players to introduce them. Maybe if they roll doubles they can narrate the crowd throwing something in?

I love the clear in-game advancement. This feels like a one-shot and I really like one-shots that advance the characters during play. It's good structure for the game session and helps maintain interest.

I do wonder if the ring provides enough situation for an entire game, but I'd try it and find out.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Regarding the tournament setting, the combat isn't limited to just one "ring" or even a single venue.

I meant it to be like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, where the fights happen in different Arenas, with varied terrains and environments (including the possibility of location-appropriate weapons lying around). 

There was supposed to be a whole section for possible Arenas (hinting at flavor mostly), but I left it out because of space constrains. Now that you brought it up, I might attempt to introduce it before the deadline. Hmmm....

Ahhh, that makes a ton of sense. Yeah, I thought that was possible but I wasn't sure -- adding some random arena stuff would be perfect. The training possibilities hint strongly in that direction as well.