Anon is missing! Follow the clues to discover their location.

Swipe or use WASD/arrow keys to navigate and examine objects.

  • Writing and graphics by Paolo Jose Cruz
  • Features the song "Wake Up" by Crazy Games, released by Micro Invasion Records (via Free Music Archive)
  • Created with Bitsy, a tool for making smol games by Adam Le Doux
  • Submitted to the Bitsy Jam for January 2018 with the prompt "Midnight"

Refer to devlog for technical notes and creative insights.

Development log


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this is so cool!


Cool story! I really like Bitsy games that present computer UIs with a cursor avatar. It's very different from map-walking, but still feels good. 

I get why the reboot button is there, but I hit it twice by accident. =P Maybe it could show dialog that says "Please press CTRL+R to reboot"?

I like that the game ends (I think) with the "where is anon?" answer, but I dismissed it too quickly the first time I got there and it wouldn't redisplay. I thought I'd use it in-game with the Tor browser or something, but later realized it was for external use. It'd be nice if you could redisplay that bit of info once you realize the game doesn't have a traditional Bitsy "ending".

The login cursor was a perfect use of the shaky text effect.


cool interface and pallette! the icons are so cute.